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Because data promises success. 


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For successful master data management

Data has become the basis for business success. Only the ones who know to use them and how to make them useable, can prevail in the digital age. That is why the ARM Group exists. As a strong partner we support you in managing and improving your data to use them for your strategic goals.  We are an owner-operated group of businesses with different core areas. All are united by the same goal: to boost your success with data!

What you can achieve with ableX

As the ARM Group we offer a wide portfolio of solutions when it comes to data management, data communication, data migration and IT architecture. We develop and distribute our own software and combine that with counselling and service for a holistic approach. We are convinced that every software needs to be adapted to the IT architecture and the strategic goals of every business. Only by doing that, data leads to success!  That is why we have different companies with different core areas.

Our portfolio of solutions is versatile

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ableX is your strong partner when it comes to data management. With their own standard software and team for implementing it, they offer allround service to help businesses achieve successful data management.  


adoX specialises on data communication as well as connecting and integrating IT systems. For that adoX develops, distributes and implements their own standard software.  

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The aView Group offers consulting for migrating data, choosing the right system and building a strong IT architecture. With their own team and software solution they also offer data migration as a full service.  


Well-tried and experienced

We exist for more than 20 years now.  That was when Michael te Laak founded the ARM Group to realize a vision. As the CEO of a company developing an ERP system, he realised that a new system was needed. One with a centralised approach for managing and refining master data. This vision gave birth to the MDM system ableX and became the standard solution for several industries soon after. Since then we have grown. With adoX GmbH and the aView Group we have expanded our portfolio of solutions and go for a holistic approach.

A business group with core values

The ARM group is united in data expertise and the same core values.


is our passion


We are not satisfied with the status-quo, but take joy in innovation. Finding creative Solutions and new ways in problem solving is our ambition. In all we do, we act sustainable and value driven.

We do

our best


We are competent and always eager to improve. For the success of our clients and of our company we strive for excellence. To achieve high goals motivates us.

We are

one big team


We know that we achieve more together rather than alone. Together we take on challenges and together we celebrate our victories.

We think and

act with efficienty


We only promise what we can keep and stand firmly to our customers side even beyond finishing the project. Most important to us is transparency and open communication.

We are trustworthy

and dependable


We only promise what we can keep and stand firmly to our customers side even beyond finishing the project. Most important to us is transparency and open communication.

We treat each other

fairly and with respect


Our colleagues are important to us. Therefore we are honest and open and by that we create a supportive and appreciate environment.

Ready for the next career move? We are happy to hear from you!


We are more than a software development business. We are a strong and reliable partner for master data management.

Together with you we implement our software and tackle any further challenge. We make sure, that you work with ableX successfully and productively. For that goal we guide and support you in word and deed.

The way to highest data quality we go together – you can rely on us!


ARM Group

Your data Expert


Karl-Schiller-Str. 1, 51503 Rösrath, Germany

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